Central media reports | Zhongnan, Zibo, Shandong: Transporting medical protective equipment to help epidemic prevention and control



China Economic Herald, China Development Network, Zhao Junfeng, reporter Yin Mingbo reported that after the Spring Festival in 2022, the COVID-19 epidemic has been "counterattacked" in many places in China, and the epidemic prevention and control situation in Shandong has tightened again in March.

China Economic Herald, China Development Network, Zhao Junfeng, reporter Yin Mingbo reported that after the Spring Festival in 2022, the COVID-19 epidemic has been "counterattacked" in many places in China, and the epidemic prevention and control situation in Shandong has tightened again in March. As a professional manufacturer of medical protective equipment research and development and technology transfer, processing and sales, Zibo Zhongnan Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials joint stock company (hereinafter referred to as Zibo Zhongnan) actively responded to the government's call to urgently organize the production of medical isolation masks, and has successively provided Zibo City and its resident Linzi District, the relevant Financial Institution Group has transported nearly 40,000, which has strongly supported the local epidemic prevention and control work.

Founded in 1995, Zibo Zhongnan is a national high-tech enterprise. It is the industrial chain base for the research and development, production and sales of new biodegradable materials in China. It is also a manufacturer of 10,000 tons of pharmaceutical packaging materials, a national epidemic prevention and control enterprise, and a top ten plastic enterprise in China. "The company's main business includes the research and development, production and sales of PVC.PET pharmaceutical packaging materials, composite pharmaceutical packaging materials, biodegradable materials, and a class of medical protective products. It has 16 production lines with a production capacity of 20,000 tons, and meets safety and environmental protection standards." According to the company's founder and CEO Wang Huanyu, Zibo Zhongnan is listed in Qilu, has passed 3 ISO certifications, 22 national invention patents, holds 3 national pharmaceutical packaging material production registration certificates, and its products are exported to more than 60 countries on five continents.

"At the beginning of 2020, with the sharp increase in the epidemic situation, the company urgently resumed work and production on the fourth day of the new year, and invested in the production of PET anti-fog sheets for face masks, striving to ensure the supply of face masks for epidemic prevention and control materials." Wang Huanyu told reporters that in February 2020, Zibo Zhongnan was listed as a "national epidemic prevention and control key guarantee enterprise" by the development and reform department, and was listed as an "epidemic prevention and control material production enterprise" by the Linzi District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology. Subsequently, the company responded to the call of the government and began to produce medical isolation masks. 120,000 were exported that year and 50,000 were sold domestically, making due contributions to epidemic prevention and control.

Medical isolation masks are very popular. Photography: Zhao Junfeng

At present, the development of Zibo Zhongnan has shown many bright spots, such as: as one of China's top ten plastics enterprises and a leader in the domestic pharmaceutical packaging material industry, pharmaceutical packaging material products are exported to 57 countries, ranking third in the same industry in China, and biodegradable new materials have passed the European Union certification., the product quality has reached the domestic advanced level; in terms of scientific and technological innovation, 100% biodegradable, producing biodegradable gloves, biodegradable handbags and biodegradable agricultural mulch films, seedling trays, food packaging, fruit packaging, etc.; the scientific research team is strong, including Southwest University National Key Talent Engineering Professor Guo Mingming, Professor Tan Hongsheng of Shandong University of Technology, Wang Xunmin of Qingdao University of Science and Technology Professors and other outstanding talents in the industry. In terms of R & D investment, Wang Huanyu and his Zibo Zhongnan are even more "willing". In 2020, the R & D investment in pharmaceutical packaging materials is close to 13 million yuan, accounting for 7.7% of the total sales investment.

  Over the years, Zibo Zhongnan has always adhered to the corporate culture of "truth-seeking, innovation, unity, quality first, integrity-based, scientific management, honest management, customer first, and attentive service", laying a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise. The company has successively won honorary titles such as "National High-tech Enterprise", "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center", "Municipal Engineering Technology Research Center", "Municipal Engineering Laboratory" and "Municipal National Key Talent Program Expert Workstation". As one of the founders of China's plastics additives, Wang Huanyu is actually a bumpy and bumpy, but it is always "successful in career" and benefits the society. Over the past 40 years, he is now over 60 years old and strong. He is leading the company to a new journey towards a new era with the spirit of being old and brave.

  According to reports, the output of Zibo Zhongnan reached 5,000 tons in 2017 and exported to 24 countries. In 2018, the output reached 6,000 tons and exported to 30 countries. In 2019, the output was 6,600 tons and exported to 36 countries. In 2020, the output will reach 7,500 tons and export to 47 countries. In 2021, the output will reach 8,800 tons and export to 54 countries. In 2022, the company's output will reach 12,000 tons and export to more than 60 countries.